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Euro Shower Doors

Euro doors feature 3/8" or 1/2" thick tempered glass panels, with minimal amount of supporting hardware. The edges are flat polished and feature a gap between the glass and adjoining walls or panels.

Due to the nature of this door a great deal of care in preplanning is often necessary, and some water leakage is considered common and acceptable. While seals can be added to minimize the leakage, the result detracts from the look that draws attention to this product in the first place. If a water tight installation is desired, the Prestige door system offers a Euro look in a watertight package.


  • High quality patch hardware in solid brass, stainless steel, or other solid metal
  • 3/8" or thicker glass
  • GLASSGUARDTM EZclean glass protection is available
  • Fully customizable to exactly fit your openings
  • Extensive variety of metal finishes
  • Over 10 glass options available
  • Doors can swing in and out
  • May not require a header for support